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Welcome to Keefe's Flowers

Please take time to meet our team

Melanie – Owner

I’m Melanie, proud owner of Keefe’s Flowers. My favorite flowers are roses because they are long lasting and come in so many beautiful colors and scents. We have many wonderful holidays but April Fool's Day is my favorite. We are pranksters in my family so it is a super fun day! One of my favorite things I love about my job is being a part of our customer's lives from birth, to prom, to graduation, to weddings, to funerals and everything in between. I am very fortunate to have the job that I do!

Mary – Store Manager

I’m the store manager at Keefe’s. My favorite flower is the Gloriosa Superba or better known as a Fire Lily. I love Thanksgiving and my favorite part of working at the shop is making beautiful flowers that bring our customers so much joy.

Susie – Delivery Manager

I’m Susie, the Delivery Manager. My favorite flower is an Iris and my favorite holiday is Christmas. What I enjoy most about working at Keefe’s is meeting people and petting puppy dogs. When I see the customer's reactions of a smile or tears when they receive their flowers, it brings me so much joy!

Monica – Wedding & Events Coordinator

Hi, I’m Monica, our Wedding & Events Coordinator. My favorite flower is a peach garden rose. I love Halloween and my favorite part of working at Keefe’s is getting to form a connection with our customers and coworkers. I also love the fast paced environment of the flower shop!

Sarah – Design Manager

I’m the Design Manager here at Keefe’s Flowers. My favorite flower is an anemone. I know Christmas is everyone’s favorite holiday but I love it! I have too many favorites working for Keefe's but I love the family atmosphere most of all. It's not a job for me it’s a flower family!! I enjoy getting to work with unique flowers and learning about new flowers that aren't seen very often!

Stacey – Marketing Director

Hello, I’m the Marketing Director here at Keefe’s. My favorite flowers are red roses because they are timeless and go with any event. My favorite Holiday is Easter. I think the pastel colors and the theme of being reborn is beautiful. My favorite part of working at Keefe's is all of the customers! Everyone who walks in the door or calls on the phone is like family to me. I'm beyond grateful to have a job I love!

Ashlynn – Designer

I’m Ashlynn, a designer at Keefe’s. I love the flower Peony because they are so chic! My favorite Holiday is Halloween because I love decorating and the colors of the season are beautiful. Halloween movies and carving pumpkins are so fun, too! My favorite part of working at Keefe's is everyone I work with and getting to express my artistic abilities to help others have great days.

Chase – Designer

I’m a designer and delivery driver at Keefe's and my favorite flower is either Liatris or Snapdragons. I love the form and vibrant colors they bring to the arrangements. My favorite holiday is Christmas. My favorite part of working at Keefe's is all the great experience that I didn't know I'd ever have. Working with the staff in particular is what makes this job great for me. I can make someone's day by making something amazing and genuine while I get to enjoy coming into work every day. Not much more I can ask for!

Rebekah - Designer

I’m a proud designer at Keefe’s and my favorite flowers are Delphinium & Heather. I love Easter and my favorite part of working at Keefe’s is the staff. I also love creating beautiful bouquets that put a smile on our customer's faces.

Katie – Floral Assistant

Hi, I’m Katie, the Flower Assistant at Keefe’s. My favorite flower is a hydrangea and my favorite holiday is the 4th of July. I love the kindness and support I receive from everyone at work and being around flowers is always a great way to start my day!